A portion is how much food you choose to eat at one time, whether in a restaurant, from a package, or at home.
Portion control is very important in the weight loss journey because it helps with controlling how much calories we consume daily, imagine working out daily but not putting in work in controlling how much and what you eat, that is just wasted efforts because 80% of what you look and feel is down to your nutrition, and 20% is the fitness. Below are some tips to help with portion control:

  1. Use small plates; eating with large plates tends to make you meals look smaller than they really are and thereby causing you to want to eat more, eating with smaller dinnerware will help with controlling how much you eat. It’s one of the easiest ways to portion control.
  2. Measure your food; another way to gauge appropriate portion size without any measuring tools is by simply using your hands.
    As your hands usually correspond to your body size, bigger people who require more food typically have bigger hands, so there is no cheating.
    A rough guide for each meal is:
    High-protein foods: A palm-sized serving(about 180g)- such as meat, fish, poultry and beans.
    Vegetables and salads: One to two fist-sized portion- such as carrots, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, kale.
    High-carb foods: One to two cupped-hand portion- such as whole grains and starchy vegetables.
    High-fat foods: One to two thumb-sized portion- such as butter, oils and nuts.
  3. Drink a glass of water before you eat- drinking water before actually eating helps you feel fuller and helping you reduce how much food you eat it also helps aid digestion especially people who often have problems with digestion.
  4. Ask for smaller portions when you eat out: some restaurants are known to go ham with food portions, which is good sometimes but not for someone who is trying to cut down calories and be in a calorific deficit. When visiting such restaurants you can ask to be served half the portion at the restaurant and half the portion to go, you could also share the food with a friend or give the half portion to the needy or homeless on the street, that way the food does not go to waste.
  5. Eat and chew slowly: eating fast makes eat more without realizing you’re full, when you eat slowly you get to realize you’re satisfied without having to finish everything on your plate. Besides when you eat slowly you enjoy your meal better.

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