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Hi, I am Dr. Kubiat Akpanusong, I am a medical doctor and a certified health and fitness coach.

I have been wanting to tell my weight loss story for a long time now to serve as a motivation and also be able to help other people looking to achieve any kind of fitness goal.

In 2011, I traveled to Europe (Ukraine) to attend university. On getting there I was alone, sometimes I cooked my meals and sometimes I ate anything. Almost everyday I ate 1 or 2 burgers which was prepared at a small cafe in my school; I could consume 5000 calories a day without knowing or noticing or even caring. I began to add weight, but as you may know sometimes you don’t realize when you’re adding weight and that was my case. I started seeing stretch marks on my thighs and I can remember being so sad that I was trying to remove the marks overnight by using hot balms which of course did not work, but I still did not do anything about my unhealthy lifestyle.

After my first year of uni i went back home to Nigeria for the summer holiday. At this time, I had added weight but it was not so bad, I came back to school after the holidays and continued my unhealthy lifestyle after which came 2013 summer holiday when I did not travel home for the holidays. I consumed ice cream almost everyday, ate as I liked, and did no form of exercise.

All I did was wake up, eat, watch movies, eat, sleep, wake up, watch movies and the cycle continued. By now I had noticed that I had added more weight but I still did absolutely nothing about it. Drinking water was not something I liked to do, I would drink all sorts of juices and sodas without feeling any kind of guilt, at the end of summer 2013 I had added so much weight that everyone around me had also noticed at this point and they started telling me but still nothing changed.

My clothes started to not fit and that was when I realized I had to do something about it. I was very depressed and sad even though I told nobody, I had low self- esteem, I was sad, I cried myself to sleep on some nights, wore big cloths that would hide my body. I wished that i would fall sick with one of those ailments that would make me lose weight fast, i was looking for a fast and easy way out of it, of which there is none.

I decided to register at a gym, which I think I attended only 4-5 times that whole month and as a result forgot about it. I then started researching on how to lose weight, I followed a lot of health/fitness and weight loss pages on Instagram,

I started running a few times, doing home workouts and tried dieting. Then came summer 2014- I traveled home and by then I had lost just a little weight. On getting home, my family could not recognize what they saw and everyone was shocked about how much weight I had gained. My aunts called me fat, my siblings did same, but my immediate elder brother pushed and motivated me to lose weight.

I started working out at home, eating healthier, avoiding fatty foods etc by the time summer 2014 ended I had lost a little weight and I was happy, but I weighed about 84kg, yes 84kg!

I returned to school, people told me i had lost weight etc and that made me happier.

When i started seeing the changes it motivated me to keep going, so i worked out a lot more, ate healthy, challenged myself to be vegetarian for 1 month (which i only did for about 2-3weeks), did juice cleanses, water cleanses, drank a lot of green tea, drank more water, continued researching on weight loss, and following more fitness pages on instagram. Slowly but surely i started noticing more changes in my body, more people started noticing i had lost weight and commented on it. This made me happier and more motivated. Bear in mind most of this weight was lost at home, now don’t get me wrong, i registered at gyms but still would not go consistently.

I started my weight loss journey several times and failed like I said, but the day I told myself no more quitting was the day my journey truly began. I promised myself to not give up this time and I stuck to that promise. I started eating healthy, and working out daily at home, went to the gym a few times, motivated myself daily by affirming to myself that if it had been done before, i could do it too, and I did.

Now I am very proud of myself for how far I have come in my journey and I want to help anyone who wishes to begin a health/fitness/weight loss journey. I did not really have anyone to help me one on one, although I had encouragement from very few people, I was my biggest cheerleader and motivation.


Getfitwithkubz was birthed from the desire to help you with that goal you have, to be your coach and your friend and to help you get to where you’re headed, to be your motivation and to show you how I did it.

Now if you’re interested i’m asking you to join me in my journey and begin your own journey, be it in weight loss, a healthy and fit life or weight gain, Because I can, you can, we can.

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