Meal planning means planning, prepping and storing your meals your meals ahead for a specified period of time be it a week or a few days.

Meal planning is very important not just for weight loss or fitness purposes but it also helps you manage and limit the amount of time spent in the kitchen, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Growing up meal planning was something we that was common in a nigerian home, soups, stews, etc would be prepared during the weekend and stored in the freezer in preparation for the busy week ahead, this helped our parents manage their time well.

  • Helps save money: when you meal plan, it helps you manage your funds wisely as you eat more at home instead of spending money to have lunch in expensive restaurants , When planning meals, you become much more organized and more aware of the money spent on food each week. You will get into the habit of buying what you need instead of buying what you want in the moment.
  • Helps keep you healthy: when you meal plan/prep you know exactly what you put in your food and how to make your food healthy enough for you, when you eats out, you are unaware of the meal preparation process, you are unaware of what kind of oil was used to cook, was it prepared in a clean environment, how much salt was put in your food, etc.
  • Helps manage your time: instead of spending  hours each day daily trying to prepare food you can spend same amount of time or just a little bit more to prepare food that could last you for a week. You save time and money
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety: if you are like me, you may have anxiety trying to decide what and where to eat, this happens to most of us, I get confused when I didn’t plan my meals ahead, I start wondering what I feel like eating, where I feel like eating at, when you plan your meals you already know that you’re having brown rice and steamed veggies for breakfast instead of cracking your brain everytime on what to eat.
  • Helps with portion control: Yes! Meal planning helps with portion control, when you plan, prep and portion your food in proper containers it helps you remember that you are supposed to only have the amount of food in your container which you had already portioned according to what you need instead of going ham.

These are the importance of meal planning and prepping. Think about these when you want to fail to plan.

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