Have you been bothered that the lockdown has added more pounds to your waistline?

A No-fad approach to easily lose weight, become fit and achieve the healthy body of your dreams .

Discover the 3 Step process of losing weight the natural way through the Eat-Move-Repeat framework.

That was me…


Flipback to 2015, I was struggling with unwanted body weight that was draining my self-esteem, productivity, and confidence.


I went through depression because of my weight, I was sad, felt insecure and would feel really bad when people call me fat.


I felt ugly, and wasn’t the biggest fan of myself!


Changing cities had exposed me to the wrong type of foods that made me gain so much weight. I didn’t even notice when I blew up.


Even when I realised it was time to face this issue squarely, it wasn’t still easy to burn off the fat and get back in shape.


I tried countless slimming teas, pills and fad that didn’t get close to living the promise.


I gave up a few times, tried again and still gave up. Why?


All the fast fix I was trying were all after my already lean wallets (lol)


So I went into deep research, finally realizing that if one is to really lose weight and stay fit, it’s gotta take some work.


You need to eat right, workout, follow some principles and be patient.

Now it's 2020 and I'm in the body of my dream.

I've lost weight, remained fit and maintained the size I am proud of.

And also helped others achieve their goals

Check out testimonies from some of my happy clients at Getfitwithkubz
My weight loss journey has been the best decision I made in may but using meal plan from getfitwithkubz made the journey a lot easier. I unconsciously started counting my diet, watching what I eat. The best part was that with the meal plan, I never felt hungry and the result I got in just a month was amazing. She considered every aspect and included them in the work thus giving me a 100% result. Going from a 75kg to a 65kg is the best feeling in the world. I am glad I found getfitwithkubz because my dream is gradually becoming a reality.
Linda Nwachukwu
I started my weight loss journey with Dr Kubz a Month ago and I lost 10kg from just eating healthy and following her meal plan. It’s amazing. Thanks so much for the support through this
Lydia Shaibu
“My sister referred Dr kubz so I could commence my weightloss journey, when I started I weighed about 114.7kg at the end of a 2 months meal plan and workout plan I got to 91.05kg, that’s a huge progress. I’m so glad I trusted her to help me begin and maintain my fitness journey , it’s just wonderful”
Ms Chanel

Through our coaching programs, diet plans, workout routines and recipes, we’ve been able to help many people lose unwanted weight and achieve fitness.

This inspired me to design the 30 days weightloss program, Fitin30.

Having worked with many clients, designed several meal plans and researched on everything there is on weightloss, I came up with this well planned and tested program to help as much people as possible lose fat the right way.


I know what it feels like to throw over N70,000 on weightloss drinks and supplements that don’t work this close to Fitin30.

Introducing, Fitin30 Program

A 30 Days diet plan and workout routine to help you lose weight, stay fit and be healthy.
  • 30 Days weightloss meal plan
  • Over 10  fatloss drink recipe.
  • 30 Days workout timetable
  • Weekly followup support.
  • Grocery list.
  • Result Guaranteed.

How it Works

The FITIN30 program is a simple, non-restrictive and 100% natural approach of weight loss built around the “eat-move-repeat” framework designed to suit a typical Nigerian person.
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The eat-move-repeat framework entails simple healthy activities and lifestyle adjustments which results to impressive weight loss results, a flatter belly, well-trimmed arm and body and a healthy you from inside out when repeated consistently.

Let’s further breakdown what the eat-move-repeat framework really entails.



Weight loss is not possible when you are not getting the “eating” aspect of your game right and on track.

It all begins with what enters your mouth and this is very true because over 80% of overweight and belly fat cases have been attributed to wrong eating and lifestyle choices over the years or a period of time.

From an over clogged liver/colon to a lagging metabolism to poor digestion and even hormonal imbalances that causes weight gain, what we eat or have eaten/drank in the past plays an important role in where we have found ourselves now.

With “EAT” I will be revealing to you simple breakthrough ways to detox your liver, supercharge your metabolism, mobilize and burn away all types of fat through Eating the fitin30 way!



Movement is a law of nature; without movement there is bound to be stagnation and decay. The human body obeys this law as well and responds to all types of movement which sadly the human race of today is slowly shying away from.

When I say movement I simply refer here as any physical activities which further better health. You don’t need to register at the gym to get a great dose of physical activities, that short trek down the street instead of driving can be a plus.

A Sedentary lifestyle is the bane of our society today and things may not get better as technology is bound to make life easier for us all, further lowering our activity levels.

In Module 3 We will discover how to improve your weight loss result by over 300% (ie 3X) through following simple at home workout routines.

No Gym, No Equipment, All fun!




To achieve your weight loss goals, be consistent.-CNN

A new study suggests that slowly but steadily shedding pounds each week can be more beneficial for long-term weight loss than seeing your weight drastically drop, only to rise again.

This is where we love to put in the work in the FIITIN30 Program- consistency and repeating the process.


They say if you want something to become a habit do it continuously for 21 days.


By focusing on repeating the process, we are focusing on embedding these new healthy habits into our lifestyle.  This alone can give you the body, health and fitness level of your dreams, and good enough, it’s a very simple process.


In Module 4, I will take you through the hardest kept secret of weight loss; Consistency. This is where the promoters of fad diet will always hide the truth; you need to put in the work in the right direction to be able to get rid of the extra baggage you may be carrying around.


In this program, I will show you pretty simple ways to stay consistent and right on track on the plan at hand.


Through Goal Setting, Motivation, and repeating the healthy process, there is no way you will not get into your fit and trim body in the upcoming weeks of this program.


In the next 30days my goal is to make you feel amazing about yourself.


Just Imagine;

  • Imagine Walking anywhere with  high esteem and confidence because you have attained your dream size and shape at last.
  • Imagine getting wonderful complements from your spouse, family and friends
  • Getting all the doubting Thomas’s who never believed in you making comments like “How did you do it?”, “You look so trimmed and awesome, I like your new look”.
  • Imagine fitting into your old slim fit jean and gown that refused to size you in the past.
  • Imagine walking into a gathering and all eyes are turned in your direction in admiration of your nice looking shape and curves.
  • Imagine a rejuvenated health, high productivity and increased fitness level, so you can climb your office stairs with ease, trek or jog distances without panting for air.
  • Imagine a clearer, blemish free skin at the end of this program…


All of these are possible and you are one step away from achieving them.


The fitin30 weightloss program is a digital program (Ebook) and you'll get instant access to the book and followup coaching upon purchase. We accept Mastercard, Visa Cards, Verve, USSD and Transfer payments. Our payment is processed by Paystack, an Award wining secure online payment processor.

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I am confident that you’ll lose weight, get fit and achieve your dream size after using the meal plan and workout routine in this program.

After working with over 50 clients in the past, I know what it takes to achieve weightloss the right way and fitin30 ticks all the boxes.


You have my full backing to enroll on this program in confidence.



Dr. Kubz
Certified weightloss expert and fitness enthusiasts.