Hey guys! so as promised this is the 7 day detox plan that your body will thank you for when you are done. detox and all it entails is explained below.

P.S: Please be sure to check if you are allergic to any food in the plan and stay away from it, if you have any medical condition please check in with me or your physician to be sure this plan is suitable for you.

Detox– The Secret first step to a faster metabolism, healthier body and sustainable fatloss.

Once I discovered the power of detox, I swore never to miss this regular routine.

The reason most people don’t get their desired result when they go on a weightloss program is because they ignore this first important step.

What exactly is Detox?

In my words, Detoxification is a process of getting rid of toxins and unwanted substances from the body.

There is one very important organ in the body which is highly responsible for how the body responds to our effort towards fatloss, this organ is the Liver.

Our liver is responsible for fighting off harmful toxins, harmful residue of some medications, regulating metabolism and even fatloss.

Once you are able to put your liver in a fully working state, then you will experience how faster you would be able to put off that fat and get healthier.

During detox, we lean towards a 60% Green/Vegetable, fruit based foods and 40% protein, carb.

The goal is not to over complicate things, our goal is get rid of unwanted toxins and get our liver (our fat burning machine) back to working order.

This week we aim at flushing the system of unwanted, clogged up toxins which has been hindering the activities of the liver in boosting metabolism, mobilizing fat and losing weight.

The Meal plan outline for this week is also designed to concentrate on detoxing and getting rid of all those toxins we may have stored. This week is going to have a lots of detox juices, smoothies, greens and vegetables. They may be frequent toilet visitations…but hey’ it’s cool. Means you detoxing!

Detox is the hidden first step to a fast healthy, fat loss- Dr. Kubz

Routine Time
Upon Waking Up 6am-7am
Breakfast 8am- 10am
Lunch 12pm-2pm
Snack 3pm-5pm
Dinner 5pm-8:30pm

Day One Meal Plan.

Upon Waking up: 2 glasses of water and a glass of lemonade (recipe at the end)

Breakfast: Carrot, beetroot, cucumber, grapefruit, ginger juice

Lunch: lemon water and nuts of choice

Dinner: Fruit salad (a plate of sliced pawpaw, watermelon, pineapple, cucumber) + green tea

*Tip of the day: Try to stay hydrated throughout today. If you feel hungry when it’s not meal time, please drink more water.

Day Two Meal Plan

Upon Waking up: Take 2 glasses of water and a Glass of Carrot and Cucumber, lemon, ginger juice

Breakfast: A Cup of Banana, apple, a handful spinach or ugwu leaf, mango and orange juice Smoothie

Lunch: chicken breast pepper soup

Snack:1 mango

Dinner:  A Plate of kale Salad (kale, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, 1 hard-boiled egg)

Day Three Meal Plan

Upon Waking Up: 2 glasses of water and a glass of lemonade 15 mins after.

Breakfast: A handful Oat meal and one sliced banana + green tea or green juice

Lunch: Vegetable stew with stir-fried carrots, green beans, green and red bell peppers, broccoli, tossed with extra virgin olive oil

Dinner: Fruit salad consisting of watermelon, pineapple, paw-paw and mango, apple

Day Four Meal Plan

Upon Waking up: A glass of Green juice and a glass of water

Breakfast: Yogurt and fruits (1 apple, ½ banana, cinnamon)

Lunch: veggie stir-fry couscous

Snack: 2 glasses of water and a mango

Dinner:  A Plate of apple salad (cabbage, lettuce, green, carrot, green and red bell peppers, apple, with or without chicken breast or eggs)

Tip of the day: You should be slowly adapting to this detox diet by now only but you may feel some funny cravings brewing up. Don’t panic I have a way out for your cravings.

Special detox Food of the day: Ginger!

Day Five Meal plan

Upon Waking up: Take a glass of water and a glass of carrot, beetroot and Cucumber, grapefruit, ginger juice or Green juice

Breakfast: Oat Meal with 1 finger of banana topping + green tea

Lunch: intermittent fasting

Snack: Half a handful of cashew nut.

Dinner:  One Moin-Moin followed a glass of Lemonade drink

Day Six Meal Plan

Upon Waking up: Take a Glass of Carrot, beetroot, cucumber, grapefruit and ginger drink

Breakfast: Lettuce egg wrap eggs (2 eggs, bell peppers, sweet corn, carrots, spinach, onions)

Lunch: Intermittent Fasting (No Food)

Snack: Intermittent Fasting (No Food)

Dinner:  Intermittent Fasting (No Food)

Before Bed: A glass of Green Drink  

Tip of The Day: Intermittent fasting is a short period without food to help your body gorge out mobilized toxins and fat during the detox process.

If you ever feel high cravings for food during intermittent fasting then snack on fruits such as apple and cucumber or almond nuts.

Day seven Meal Plan

Upon Waking up: Drink a glass of any natural green tea.

Breakfast: Take a Glass of Carrot, beetroot, cucumber and ginger drink

Lunch: Steamed vegetables of choice with fresh herbs with protein of choice + organic brown rice or couscous

Snack: 2 Apples.

Dinner: Plain yogurt and half diced pineapple and mango + green tea

Lemonade recipe

  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 medium sized juicy lemons
  • 1 lime
  • 1 and half tablespoon of grated ginger
  • Mint leave (optional)
  • Sliced cucumbers (optional)

Green juice recipe

  • A handful of Spinach or ugwu
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 apple
  • A handful of kale
  • 1 lemon or lime
  • Mint leaves
  • Ginger
  • Juice of an orange (optional)

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