Staying motivated and being consistent can be very difficult, I know this, I struggle with it till date, some days I just want to lay in bed and eat all day, some days I don’t want to do that 10 minutes workout, I don’t want to do anything because I just feel unmotivated, it is normal to feel that way, the body gets tired, the spirit may be willing and the body is weak but what do you do when you feel that way? That is the question we are going to address today.

  • Remember why you do it in the first place: when I feel unmotivated what is do is try to remind myself of the reason I started working out in the first place, I remember how unhappy and depressed I was when I was fat, I remember how I used to cry myself to sleep a lot of nights, and how I would almost breakdown in tears when someone told me I was big or fat, I remind myself that I never want to feel those emotions anymore, not when there were things I could do to prevent it from happening, not when my body was under my control and that alone would give me the push I need to keep going. Remind yourself of the reason you do what you do.
  • Make it fun: if you’re like me who gets bored easily you need to be able to make it fun for yourself, to achieve this you have to mix and switch things up. When it comes to working out doing the same things over and over again gets tiring so make sure to switch up your routine regularly, listen to songs that you love and songs that make you want to move, when it comes to your eating habit you have to understand that healthy doesn’t mean boring and bland, make your meals healthy but fun, incorporate your colors, take pictures of your food and share them, listen to songs you love while meal prepping.
  • Look at your progress: this is why it is important to take pictures o your progress and keep track of your progress, be it the fact that when you started you could only hold a 10 seconds plank and now you could hold a plank for 30 seconds, be it the fact that your jean could not button up but now it can, be it that you lost an inch off your waistline, just look at how far you have gone be proud of yourself and remind yourself that you need to keep pushing , and this progress can only be seen if you are consistent.
  • Reward yourself: remember when as kids our parents would promise to do certain things for us if we did well in school and if we were good kids in general, I personally would work harder when I thought of all the wonderful things I would get at the end of the school session. Well that applies even to adults, getting rewards for a job well done is a great way to get and stay motivated when on a fitness journey. So plan to get yourself that wrist watch you like when you reach a goal, take yourself for that much deserved spa day,
  • Be accountable: having someone to be accountable to can be very helpful, someone to give you that little nudge you might need someone that would workout with you if you needed them to. When you have someone or people you are accountable to you are less likely to slack because you know you have eyes watching you.

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